His promise fulfilled 

Completion of the Building Project

Jesus said:- “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”  Matthew 16 v 18 ESV

The story so far:- There has been an evangelical church on the site in York Road, Broadstone since 1933, initially located at the bottom of the slope formerly known as Baileys Hill. Then in 1974 a pre-cast, concrete building was erected at the top section of the hill, which has served for the past 46 years, although portacabins were needed to accommodate youth activities.       

​In 2008, with the church congregation of adults and children still growing and the Marley style building showing its age, the diaconate, together with the church members, took the decision to initiate a project to create a totally new, much larger church facility. When completed, the new church complex facility would create a modern, attractive and flexible facility, to enable us to better serve the community and continue to reach out with the Gospel.  

​Designs were submitted, discussed at length, architects were selected, finalised drawings were put before Poole Council and planning permission was granted. The design made very clever use of the flat and sloped elements of the site to give us a double-storey building linked to a larger worship hall. The layout of the complex also allowed for construction in two major phases, which was to prove greatly beneficial.

In 2011, Poole Council granted planning permission and when funds allowed, the builders moved onto the site to break ground. The Community Building (Phase One) was joyfully opened for use in April 2015. This building, with its upper lounge, large catering-style kitchen, lower lounge, toilets and shower provided excellent new much-needed facilities for catering, meetings and hosting outreach events.

Our attention then quickly focussed on getting the larger worship hall and foyer built and with funds virtually back at the start, we stepped out in prayer and faith again. Throughout the project, the vast majority of the money came from the gracious and unconditional giving by the church family itself, both monthly and on specific gift days.


Other funding came from other churches, individuals and Christian charitable trusts. The church is also immensely grateful to the Talbot Village Trust, who gave the project momentum via a sizeable donation.


By early 2019 funding had reached a level where we had confidence to discuss a contract with Matrod Frampton, our Wimborne based builder of choice. So it was that in December 2019, we evacuated the hall that had served so well for 45 years. In January 2020, site clearance and demolition was underway, ready for the surveyors to set out the limits of the new building.

Below,  on this webpage you can see Project Bulletins charting the excellent progress throughout the year and despite a brief enforced period of cessation due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the work was completed as scheduled in eleven months.

Externally, the new building hall looks resplendent in classic Bath stone blockwork, with a central section of the front elevation clad to accentuate the seven-metre-high ridge roof.

Mounted on the upper section of the cladding is a bespoke, full size, wooden cross, crafted by Clive Baines, one of our elders who has cabinet making workshops in Dorchester. The locally sourced oak has been wrought, scorched and wire brushed to bring out the grain. It is back lit with LED lighting around its perimeter and stands as a reminder of Christ’s resurrection.

Entering the building, the spacious foyer gives direct access to the phase one community building, the stairs to the upstairs offices/meeting rooms and of course the new worship hall. It’s the proportions of the interior of the hall that make an instant but lasting impression. With a floor area of 160 square metres a large congregation can easily be accommodated and the ceiling, at a height of seven metres, is layered with acoustic panels to enhance sung worship.

The focal point within the hall is the large porthole window, centrally located on the rear wall, high up close to the apex. The bespoke artwork for the glass features a spectrum of vibrant colours,  asymmetrically arranged with the cross of our Lord central to the theme. The segments around the outer circumference ring display the colours of the rainbow, starting with red at the 12 o’clock position, round to violet at 11 o’clock. “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth” Genesis 9 v 13 NIV

With the two phases now merged into a large, single, three storey building Broadstone Baptist now has all the space for collective worship and facilities to serve all ages in the local community in a variety of ways.   

Mission accomplished ….. now the real mission begins.