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  • Jon Taylor

Habakkuk 3:17-19 A Hymn of Faith

Do you ever count your woes and sit paralysed not knowing what to do? In verse 17 Habakkuk lists six agricultural disasters yet chooses to rejoice in the Lord. No figs, grapes, oil, sheep, or cows. Think of what the implications would be at that time and context. In that era, people’s lives were interwoven with success in the fields. When our problems overwhelm us, we need to go to God for our source of joy.

When we are churned up, go to the Lord for strength and take the matter to the Lord. Habakkuk knew something of what God was doing though He could not see the whole picture in entirety. Sometimes we can clearly see the Lord at work and at other times we struggle to ascertain how He will accomplish His purposes.

This means we can rest in Him and when we worship Him our perspective changes. This is not ‘enforced worship’ but a close and real dependence on God. Deep calls unto deep. They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength like the eagle. Take your questions, troubles, cares, and worries to Him though continue worshipping Him.

These four verses helpfully summarise the book of Habakkuk and they also point us to God’s faithfulness throughout history and in our lives. The events that occur in this life can never compare with that which is eternal. Obedience then and now was a prerequisite to joy in the Lord and demonstrates trust in Him.

We are given a wonderful picture of our feet being made like the feet of deer. I love to watch deer on occasions race across fields or bound over fences and scramble up and down valleys remaining sure-footed! Obstacles seem to evaporate before them.

The Lord will give us strength and joy, much like the deer. Our confidence, joy and strength is from Him. He takes us from the valleys and causes us to walk on the high hills. Inner delight and gladness is found in Him.

One last thing. It seems that Habakkuk liked to sing this song accompanied by his stringed instruments. ‘The Director of Music’ is mentioned 55 times in the Psalms. These enable us to enjoy and glorify Him. One of the best ways to grow our confidence and trust in God is to set that to music. Let us remember that when we praise Him in song, for it is good for us to sing praises unto His name.

Jon Taylor 17th June 2021

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