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  • Jon Taylor

Psalm 63- Joy in the fellowship of the Lord

The Psalmist calls God “my God’. We may meet collectively for fellowship, but we cannot rely upon the testimony, reasoning, or experiences of others. We must have a personal conviction of the saving work of the Saviour that is brought about by the Spirit of God. David sought God early and we would do well to seek the Lord both early in our lives and in the day so that we can be in quality fellowship with the Lord. He thirsted and longed for God. David was in the wilderness of Judah where there was a great shortage of water, though he sought the One who gives living water. He desired to see God’s power and for Him to be glorified in that.

David knew that God’s lovingkindness is better than life. At what price do we value our lives or the grace of God? He would make it his aim to bless the Lord whilst he had breath within him and would raise his hands in His name. David had no intention of compromising with any false gods and he knew that He could satisfy himself in the Lord and he would praise Him with his lips. Surely, those who belong to the Lord should make it their aim to satisfy themselves in the things of the Lord and praise Him wholeheartedly.

We learn from Daniel 5:10 and Psalm 55:17 that the Jewish believers prayed thrice daily and some today still do. That is an excellent practice and one which I wish I had made a habit of long ago. But we discover here and also from Psalm 119:62 that David praised the Lord in the night watches. He delighted in doing so and knew personally that God was his help and upheld him.

We have many things in our lives striving to compete for our time and attention. David rarely had a shortage of those seeking to harm him and seemingly queuing up to destroy his life. David knew that God would judge them accordingly and made his hope, refuge, and trust in the God of his life. This song was much more than a set of accurate statements about God, because it was the reality of David’s daily walk with God. Whenever we think that we are too busy or overburdened and that there are many seeking to accuse us, we should remember David, and how he laid all these things before the Lord, and we too can find joy and satisfaction in the Lord above all else.

Jon Taylor October 2020

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