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  • Ruth Pettifer

So, what are we waiting for and how are we spending our time as we wait?

Well, what are we waiting for? We might have asked this lots of times when we were trying to get out of the door in a hurry. There are times of waiting in all of our lives - waiting to go on holiday, waiting for an appointment, waiting for a phone-call.... waiting for the end of lockdown?

In the Bible we read about the people of God who waited, sometimes patiently, sometimes eagerly, sometimes for a long time. Noah built the Ark while he waited for the great flood to come.

The Children of Israel 'waited' many years in the wilderness before they came at last to their Promised Land.

We read of Jacob who worked for Laban for 14 years in order to claim Rachel as his wife.

We read about Mary travelling many miles as she was waiting for her Son, the promised Messiah, to be born and then waiting again at the foot of the Cross as her Son was taken from her.

There is a special kind of anticipation for us as we read again the events of that first Easter, as we see Jesus treading the path to the Cross, and knowing that every step was taken for us. We don't have to wait to see whether the Messiah would rise again, as he promised - we know that He did! The risen Lord Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene and she was able to run to the disciples and tell them 'I have seen the Lord!'

For her, the waiting was over! So, what are we waiting for and how are we spending our time as we wait? I'm sure that we are all waiting and hoping for the time when we can 'get back to normal', when we can worship together again, and see our families in our own homes.

While we wait, let's remember the words of Isaiah 40:31,

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.'

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